Before you continue reading, please get your mind prepared. This tutorial is unbelieveably simple but it can lead to a beautiful & creative design.

Tutorial by Edison Lu, Web Developer.

Simply speaking, what you need is any shape tool, and the Tilde key. Make sure your keyboard is functional!

1. Open a new document. Use the Retangle tool to create the background.

2. We'll need the Graphic Style Panel now. Get it from your Window menu.

3. Then apply any graphic style you like to the background rectangle you just created. In my case, it is under Graphic Style > Texture.

4. Using the Ellipse Shape tool (or any shape tool you like) and the Tilde key, dragged with the mouse.

5. Go to Window > Brushes, to open the Brush panel, then apply brushes to some strokes.

This tutorial was designed by Edison Lu, Web Developer.
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