Creating the Smoke Effect in Illustrator:

  1. Make a Black Rectangle and lock it.

  2. Make a Vertical Stroke with the Line tool. Apply White stroke and Transparent Fill.

    Stroke Weight: 0.05 mm

    (Use Illustrator > Preferences > Units to change your units of measurement into Millimeters)

  3. Select the stroke and with the Selection Tool, press Return, and type the following in the Move Field:


  4. Click Copy and then hold Command D for a few seconds.

  5. While all the strokes that were just created, are selected, set the blend mode to Screen with the opacity of 8.

  6. Group it.

  7. With the Pen Tool, draw a shape like so, and make sure there are areas of overlap in your shape:


  8. Click on the shape you just created and Cmmnd/Shift/Rt. Bracket or Object> Arrange>Bring to Front

  9. Select the shape and the stroke group, then go to

    Object>Envelop Distort>Make with Top Object

  10. Drag the smoke shape you just created into the Brushes panel, and choose Art Brush before you OK out of the Brush dialogue box.

  11. In the Options dialogue box for the New Art Brush, set the Direction up and

    Colorization Method: Tints and Shades


  12. Add Effect> Blur> Gaussian Blur and make the radius: 7.0 px, and OK.

  13. Now you can create any shape/path and click on the new smoke brush in the brushes panel, and then applying step 12.

Note: If you apply the Gaussian Blur before making it into a Brush, the Brush panel will not accept it as an Art Brush.

This tutorial was designed by Negin K. Etemadi.
All Rights Reserved.