Creating the Rain Effect in Photoshop:

1. Copy a new layer from your image (Cmmnd J)


2. With the new layer copy, Shift/Delete and use 50% Grey for the Fill Contents.

3. Filter > Noise > Add Noise


4. Use the options shown here for the filter.

5. Filter > Blur > Blur

6. Filter > Stylize > Wind choose the option called Blast

7. Cmmnd /F to re-apply the same filter.

8. Cmmn / I to Invert

9. Cmmnd / T to use Free Transform to rotate the direction of the rain slightly, and scale to fill the area.


10. In the Layer panel, change the Blend Mode to Screen


11. Adjust the Levels In the Level Adjustments panel of the Layer panel.

12. Adjust the Input levels until you are Satisfied with the results.


This tutorial was designed by Negin K. Etemadi.
All Rights Reserved.