Blending tool


Tutorial by Irvin Durana, Graphic Design Extraordinaire.

Did you know Illustrator, a vector program, can do 3D? Well, mostly. But you can give a 3D appearance to your objects. One method is using Blending, which is basically merging two shapes together. With blending, we'll create a shooting star.

1. In a blank document, create two stars of different colors and sizes; one being big, and one being small.

2. Select both of them. There are two methods to blending, and both of them take only one simple step.

3. The first method we'll use is the Blending tool.

4. With it selected, click one star, then another. Once that is done, the two stars would be merged.

5. Another method that produces the same effect is by going to the Object menu, and selecting the Blend option.

6. If you want to edit the blend you made, select the Blend Options.

This tutorial was designed by Irvin Durana, Graphic Design Extraordinaire.
All Rights Reserved.